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Co-create Paradise in Sanctuary

Cht'i-ai-a's Dream Come True

In May 2006, our Beloved Mother Earth received, gestated and birthed new evolutionary codes for SANCTUARY on our planet. This monumental event has advanced us more than a thousand years in one evolutionary leap! This Birth of Sanctuary was facilitated by a group of conscious humans in Sacred Union with highly evolved non-human Councils of Light.

We did it!
Thank you all for assisting Cht'i-ai-a

You are invited to join us as we consciously co-create
Paradise in Sanctuary

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Manifesting Paradise in Sanctuary
With Navigator Suzanna Kennedy
Thursday, June 15 at 6 pm Pacific Time

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"I am dedicated to see the reality that we have been discussing. Earth thriving as sanctuary for the new crystalline races to evolve. Each may choose which reality to participate in and that focus, grouped with other numbers of perceptions both spoken or unspoken, will shape your experience." Magdalene Ma-Ri

Now..... what are we going to do with this new Sanctuary space we have created? There are new codes in our earth, in the water, and in the very atmosphere around us. Our bodies are now absorbing the new codes into every fiber and everything is ready to unfold something astonishingly new.

Ma-Ri Magdalene said we have received a gift of grace, a leap. She said if we had evolved it naturally, it would have taken thousands of years to come to this point of evolution. What exactly is happening? Well, the way I see it is that we were given new codes, packets of information about how to live and dwell in more peace and harmony, in balance and abundant relations with our planet, each other, and all other life. The codes that have been given to us will contain information that we have never had a mind to think yet. I believe we will find new ideas and directives opening up inside of us now. We are a part of a much greater whole, perched on the brink of Galactic Citizenry. I feel this will be a wonderful unfolding experience.

Now we have the space... What will we do with it? What will we create? If you have a chance to read the background articles, you may share in the visions and stories of the many who helped bring this in. If you listen to the recordings of the birthing, you will hear Ma-Ri Magdalene's message of joy and hope. For me, the greatest effect I am experiencing now is every morning when I wake...

I feel the crystalline newness in my body, in my mind, and in the air around me. There is inside me, a joyful urge to create and connect. There is an ever increasing awareness of my connection to you and you... and ALL THERE IS. I am unreasonably happy...a new kind of light shines from my eyes most of the time. If I do feel down or anxious, all I have to do is touch in to gratitude and remember what is happening, and it shifts quickly. I am loving you all....inviting you to come join us and play in the new Sanctuary! -- Saleena Kí

5-25-2006 Arcturians on Building the New Society:

Marimar/Arcturians: Congratulations. We applaud your efforts. We are exceptionally pleased with the outcome. Now, we must begin to build the new society. As you might expect, this will not be easy. However, we have ideas to suggest.

Start from within, work within the families of light. Collaborate.... Create self-sufficient communities in balance with the natural world and the economic world. What structures are efficient for this? How large can they grow? Are the forms scalable? Do they link up to form larger communities? Can you see them as a planetary network?

If each part is self-sufficient and the whole is in balance, then development is effortless. Take care to measure your progress. Take account of time and energy expended and look for solutions already present. A vision or solution that is in harmony and in balance will be quickly adopted if there is no economic barrier.

You can create the world you want by working together and transforming the business models. This, in turn, transforms the social structure. Thank you again for your work today. It is much appreciated.

We look forward to co-creating with you. You will receive a reminder for the teleclass as it gets closer. In the meantime, you can visit our Blog and communicate with other co-creators and add your experience.

Suzanna, Saleena, Marimar, Colin


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